Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Interview with Whisper

Hey guys!
This is my first interview on here and so I choice one of the artists that greatly inspires me and motivates me. She's super kind and amazing. Her art is wonderful! There'll be a little artist's bio if you don't know her.

Artist Bio:

Whisper is a girl who has too many stories to tell and not enough ways to tell them. But she does as best as she can through both the written word and the digital pen. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but she does have fun doing it!



When did you start drawing and what got you into art?
The first time I picked up a pencil with the intent to draw a pretty picture just for fun was in tenth grade, so I was 15 or 16. And it was all because I'd discovered Amy Brown. Her fairies and her style of drawing and colors and use of space... It was beautiful, but simple. I felt like I could actually make things like that with a little bit of practice! Which was a very good feeling. My favorite artist is Josephine Wall, whose paintings are a beautifully chaotic mess of colors. But as much as I love her work, it seemed to impossibly out of my league, it didn't really inspire me to try for myself. But Amy Brown did, and I'm very glad it happened!

Oh that's cool! Where do you come up with your inspiration for your artwork?
Everything. I know some people listen to music and some pull from life...but I just kind of pull from everything. Other artwork, photography, random magazine pictures, fanfiction, roleplays...sometimes I just think of certain characters I want to draw and, lol. When I'm stuck and can't seem to draw anything, I tend to fall back on Disney characters. They're fun to draw and can loosen up my creativity and my hand and sometimes produce some cute results on their own.

Haha x) What's the weirdest thing you've ever done?
Oh don't do a lot of weird stuff cuz I'm usually too shy for it, lol. I once wore my Ravenclaw uniform to school in preparation for the Midnight release of one of the HP movies, that's all I can think of XD

Haha well that's good enough for me! :P Well, obviously you are a huge fan of the HP series, what other series are you a fan of?
Harry Potter and Disney are main two, but I'm also a big fan of Doctor Who, Sherlock shows, and Final Fantasy games.

I love HP, Disney, and Sherlock. What inspired the Muse Academy series?
It was a completely random thing really! It was when the #AllArt-AllHeart group had just gotten started, and the founders were making mascots. I doodled a random girl with bright pink hair... and voila! Suddenly I had a whole troop of them in my head, and I had to have a reason for their hair to be strange colors, so a new world was created, and a school, and then the idea that they could be muses! It just sort of all fell into place.

You have any idea how you got so many watchers on DA?
Lol, honestly no! I think it helped that I was mostly doing fanart... that does tend to get more attention than original work, though it wasn't the reason I drew it. Mostly I think it helped that I stay friendly to people, that I thank them for favorites and such. It encourages them to stop by my page and check out my other work.

Lol, that makes sense. So I noticed that you write stories too (such as Life is a Canvas), why did you decide to write and post them on DA as well?
I was actually writing stories long before I tried drawing, lol. Stories are at my core, always have been. My drawings were mostly started so that I could draw the people in such stories, or to tell a story of their own. I was posting them on, but a good number of people here don't have accounts there so I posted a few here as well. I know they don't get as much attention as art on a site like this, but it doesn't hurt anyone to post them here, lol.

That's true. So last question, do you have any advice to those who hope to become artists?
Just start drawing and don't stop! No matter what! You have to start bad and get better, no one has magical abilities to be an amazing artist right from the start. It's all hard work and occasional tears. Don't feel ashamed to look up tutorials and use references, draw from life, and practice practice practice.

Whisper's Works:



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